For the best safety and effectiveness of using prescription drugs make sure to follow the directions of use on the label, the quantity to be taken in any given day and the most effective way to take the medication e.g. before, with or after food.

If you have any questions regarding the directions of use for your prescription, make sure to ask a qualified pharmacist who will be more than happy to help and advise you.

Prescriptions Charges

Medical card holders pay a prescription charge of €2.50 per item, Families have a maximum charge of €25.  These payments are paid by all medical card holders however there are certain exceptions to individuals who don’t pay any prescription charges;

  • Children with their own medical card and are in the care of the HSE
  • Health Amendment ACT Card holders who have approved prescriptions
  • Long term Illness Scheme qualifiers are entitled to their related prescriptions free of charge
  • Methadone treatment Scheme participants are entitled to methadone free of charge

For those with out a medical card and do not fall into the categories listed above there is an option to apply for the Drug Payment Scheme. This scheme was put in place to limit the amount individuals spend on prescription drugs.  The registration form is available here at most pharmacies or alternatively you can download the form here.

Prescription Type

Non-renewable: This type of prescription is dispensed by a pharmacist only once, unless your GP directs otherwise.
Renewable:  This type of prescription is dispensed by a pharmacist for up to six months, then it is required to visit your GP for an update or review of the medication you are on. In certain circumstance a GP may prescribe medication for longer than 6 months.

AntiBiotic Awareness

IPU President Kathy Maher and our very own Dublin Pharmacist Tomas Conefrey were interviewed for TV3’s The 5.30 to discuss the issue of antibiotic awareness