Introducing a new product to the shelves at Conefrey’s Pharmacy, ZinCuFlex.

ZinCuFlex Joint Support is a natural health product aimed at improving the symptoms of arthritis. It contains a unique, antioxidant rich formula that contains ginger, curcumin and vitamin C. Ginger and curcumin both have anti-inflammatory properties which help to relieve pain and inflammation in the joints. Vitamin C also plays an important role as it helps to contribute towards collagen formation and the function of bones and cartilage.

According to research, 46% of users experience little to no pain in the affected joints and improvement in overall well being after just eight weeks of use.

ZinCuFlex is considered as an ideal treatment for ailments such as arthritis, gout and sports injuries.

Unbelievable Relief from Arthritis

“I have extremely bad arthritis in my spine, shoulder and sadly my hands. Having spent weeks with bad joint swelling and at times unable to open my hands especially in the mornings. Thankfully, a friend recommended ZinCuFlex to me. Within a couple of weeks, the swelling had subsided, stiffness and bad pain abated and I found myself looking forward to getting back to my hobby – gardening and knitting. I can highly recommend ZinCuFlex and now will not be without my supply as part of my everyday living.”

Carol Fahy, Galway 

Back at the Gym after a Knee Injury

“I was having a lot of trouble with my knee as a result of new training sessions at the gym. The pain and swelling got so bad that eventually I couldn’t even go for a walk without suffering for it the next day. I started taking Zincuflex and couldn’t believe how quickly it started to work. The swelling went down and the pain eased within days. I’m taking just one a day now and back exercising with no problems. It’s a must for any inflammatory conditions.”

Therese Hyland, Galway