Looking After your Best Friend – Worming your Pet

When I was a little boy, I remember adults talking about children having ‘worms’. Not a nice thought for a child to have, but thankfully my Dad would have everything under control. Who can forget the lovely orange syrup with the consistency of bubble bath? It was a necessary evil, and a good solution to a problem every household has faced at one time or another. It’s no different for our four legged friends. For pets, there are several treatments available, some for even tiny pups.

The indicators for worms in dogs are relatively easy to spot- the bloated stomach and belly area is the one we all seem to be aware of. Other signs include worms or eggs in the faecal matter, around the dogs rear, or in the fur around the anus. Another tell tale sign is when the dog is scratching or rubbing his bum across the ground or on furniture. Symptoms in cats are similar but can include lethargy in the animal and a dull coat.

Bayer Animal Health has a range called Drontal, and they have several products within the range for worming your pet.

The first product is called Drontal Puppy Suspension. This is used to treat roundworm infections in little puppies and young dogs up to twelve months old. The course is started when the pup is two weeks old, and is repeated every two weeks until the pup has been weaned.

Drontal oral suspension for puppies  Drontal cat film coated tablets

Not forgetting our feline friends, the next product is in tablet form, designed for Cats and Dogs.

The Drontal Cat Tablets are recommended for cats with a body weight of 4kg ( dosing guidelines come with the tablets for cats above or below this weight). One tablet is administered with or without food and is an effective combined treatment for roundworms and tapeworms. You can try and give your cat the tablet directly, but it is easier to hide it in their food.

The Drontal Dog Tablets work in the very same way. When selling the tablets to my customers, I put the tablet in a little wallet- what I love about the wallet is it comes with four stickers. The idea is to stick them on the calendar at home, reminding you when the next dose is due. Have a look at the picture below and you will see what I mean.

Drontal pets range calendar

There is also a space on the front of the wallet to record the pets name, the owners name and address, and finally, where the product was bought. A clever and personal touch to a product that no one wants to rush out and buy!

I was discussing this with a colleague the other day, and we both decided that this company really has a great head for service and marketing. The idea is so simple, but so effective- brand awareness. The marketeers for human medicine could learn a thing or two from the pet companies I think!!

My next blog will cover products that can be used on animal’s fur and skin. Another really interesting topic, and you may be surprised by some of the facts, such as how sensitive our little pets are to changes around the home; a new baby or too many visitors for example.

Please feel free to leave a comment below about your experiences with using wormers for your pets. I would be delighted to hear all.