World Pharmacists Day

Did you know?

Today Thursday 25th of September is World Pharmacists Day.  The only reason I know this is I got a tweet last month to inform me of it.  At first I didn’t exactly know what to think about it.  World Pharmacist Day?  Would the general public care?  Then I had an idea.  What if the purpose of the day is to celebrate and acknowledge my colleagues in their everyday work?

As I know only too well, in life people will knock you down if you let them. I decided I therefore would put my best foot forward and give out encouragement to as many of my colleagues on the day as possible. This event is being run on twitter under the hastag #worldpharmacistsday so if you are on twitter and want to give your local pharmacist a boost please feel free to tweet.  

Positive feedback will mean the world to your Pharmacist and because we are all so busy it often goes unsaid.  Please take a minute to mention your local pharmacist and make his or her day.