What are the best supplements for after a marathon?

Even for regular runners, it’s always advisable to know what are the best supplements for after a marathon. If you run a few times a week and tear it up at your local park run every weekend, that still doesn’t involve too much thought beyond what to wear. However, covering the long distances required to prep for a marathon means considering how to avoid injury, how to fit in and vary all the running you need to do and most importantly how you fuel your body for all that exercise. Most, if not all, of your fuelling should be done through your diet, but there are times when eating real food just isn’t possible or desirable and that’s where supplements can help. Especially, just after you have completed the race.

The main supplements to consider are ones that replenish those carb reserves and electrolytes that you have lost during the marathon. You need to consider how you can help restock and help the body recover after an arduous event. In short, there are lots of different supplements you can use to help you body cope recover from the demands a marathon has on your body. Give us a call to find out more or simply review some of the top types you’ll require:

Running Gels : Probably the most common marathon training supplement, these are scoffed by runners during long runs to replenish their carb stocks. In the marathon itself, you’ll probably go through four of five gels, so make sure you’ve already tried the ones you use in the race, because they can be hard on the digestive system.

Sports Drinks : These are a combo of carbs and electrolytes, and are good for fuelling before or after longer runs. It’s not realistic to carry them during the run, which is why most people opt for more portable gels and electrolyte tabs and opt to take the drinks as a recovery supplement.

Electrolytes : Pop these in water and they dissolve quickly to create an electrolyte-rich cocktail, containing minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium, which help your body to rehydrate itself. A lot of gels  and sports drinks generally don’t have electrolytes, which you need to replenish after you exercise for a long period and sweat a lot.

Juices : Research into the nitrates found in superfoods like beetroot, spinach and rocket suggests they can have a positive effect on performance in endurance activities. In particular beetroot juice has amazing results when it comes to replenishing those lost nutrients.