Veterinary Pharmacy – An Overlooked Area?

Conefrey’s Pharmacy is proud to have been recently mentioned in an article in the Irish Pharmacy News magazine. The article speaks of how veterinary pharmacy is often overlooked by pharmacies across the country and encourages pharmacists to explore this area more. Currently, an approximate 550 pharmacies in Ireland stock veterinary products in their stores but in comparison to the European figure this is still quite low.

Over a year ago, I made the decision to become involved in Veterinary Pharmacy after noticing that a lot of my customers have pets of their own. The past three months has seen our pet care section of the pharmacy grow steadily. Although it is still in it’s infancy, this is an area of the pharmacy that I will continue to develop on and has been very successful with Conefrey’s Pharmacy customers so far.

I have also dedicated a number of my blog posts over the last few months to pet health and pet care treatments that are available for your pets. Our pets corner section of the website also has a list of services such as pet grooming, dog kennels, microchipping services and more available in the Dublin and surrounding areas.

See page 46 of the Irish Pharmacy News magazine for the article, “Veterinary Pharmacy – An Untapped Resource”