Unicef World Children’s Day – Setting Good Health Examples

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you. – Robert Fulghum 

Unicef  World Children’s Day

In honour of Unicef World Children’s Day  this Friday on the 20th November. We would like to have a look at how we set examples for our children’s health.

For example, it’s great that you tell your children to eat your vegetables but don’t expect them to listen to you if you are not eating them yourself in front of them. Having good healthy habits that your children will imitate is the best health education you can give them.

From the time they come into this world, children learn how to live by observing and imitating the people around them. Children learn to process what they see and they make decisions about what to mimic and take part in certain behaviours by watching these people around them.

Setting Examples for your Children

Eating healthy

Showing your children a good relationship with a healthy balanced diet can have positive effects on them for the rest of their lives.

Healthy family eating should not be simply about eating fruit and vegetables. It’s about eating a range of different foods, and enjoying treats as well. Don’t put too much emphasis on eating as you don’t want negative emotions to be associated with food. Either being too worried of gaining weight or using food as a coping mechanism.


Showing your children that a healthy fitness routine is essential for not only physical health but for mental health as well. Set aside designated workout time. This shows your children that exercising is a priority and you’re making a point to instil healthy habits for you and your family. Getting your children to understand and form a fitness routine early on in life will start a habit with them. They’ll notice the importance of fitness without you having to talk excessively to them about it.

Mental Health

Your children will inevitably be exposed to stress and other mental obstacles, even if they exercise and eat healthy. Teaching your children to talk openly about their feelings and not to be ashamed if they are feeling down. Nurturing your children self-confidence and self-esteem is just as important as teaching them healthy eating and fitness habits. Different ways of achieving this are.


Stay safe and please do get in touch with the HSE by calling 112 if you have any concerns that you or a loved one might be infected with COVID-19.

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