Robin, thank you for the memories!

RIP Robin Williams

Waking-up on Tuesday morning the last thing I expected to hear was that the actor and comedian Robin Williams had passed away. As a child one of my favourite television programmes was ‘Mork and Mindy’ and I feel that I grew up with Robin as a friend even though I never met him. I have seen many of his films and a scene from ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ also stuck in my memory. Robin met a group of American soldiers in a City and was interacting with them. I’m sure it wasn’t scripted as the scene seemed to be Robin reacting to their questions and it showed him at his wittiest, quickest best. At the end of the scene he thanks the soldiers and tells them he won’t forget them. This sums up his life I think as he gave so much to people without any thought of himself and then thanked people even though he was the giver.

Whatever the reasons for his passing and how he actually passed on are not for me to comment on. From reading newspapers the last few days my heart goes out to his family who have no privacy to grieve and his daughter has had to quit social media as the inevitable trolls reared their ugly heads. As a Pharmacist I meet people every hour of every day with mental health issues. We are part of a team along with doctors, psychiatrists and counsellors who help people keep on the straight and narrow.

Need some help?

Two resources we recommend are a website called which has a lot of useful information and hopefully will provide some encouragement to someone and reassurance to let them know that help is available. The other resource is The Samaritans The Samaritans can be contacted by e-mail, text or telephone. Pharmacists are available as a walk-in service, you don’t need an appointment to come to see us.

We can help guide people who are under pressure or feel particularly down and we are a good starting point. Similarly if you have a family member who you believe needs assistance we can advise and direct you. Robin Williams left us with so many good memories and the scene from Dead Poets Society at the end where his former students stand on the school desks and say ‘O Captain, My Captain’ as he leaves the school is particularly apt at the moment. Robin thanks the boys and leaves. It should be the other way around though Robin, thank you!

May you rest in peace.