Probiotics are my heroes

Personal experience – Tomas Conefrey

“About ten years ago I got an insect bite on my ankle.  It subsequently swelled up and I got cellulitis which is an infection of the fat cells underneath the skin.  My GP put me on two sets of antibiotics for ten days at maximum doses.  They sorted out the infection but left me worse for wear.  Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria that make us sick but also kill the good bacteria that is in our body normally.  

I had literally been cleared out and was feeling worse than I had felt before I started the antibiotics.  I knew a little about probiotics at this stage but had never taken them nor studied them to find out more.  I took a course of Udo’s Choice Super 8’s probiotics which are very strong but  they helped me get better quicker.  I thought ‘maybe there is something to these guys after-all!'”


Conefrey’s Pharmacy currently stock two brands  for people to take after antiobiotics – Optibac and Sona Afterbiotic. Current attitudes towards probiotics has changed recently,  It used to be that you had to finish the antibiotic before you started the probiotic as they would cancel each other out.  It is now recommended and encouraged to take the probiotic with the antibiotic but just to take the two a couple of hours apart e.g. take your antibiotic at 8am and then take the probiotic at 12pm on the same day.

It gives a great sense of satisfaction to communicate this to people and it’s one of those things that people don’t know about but can help them to recover and get back to themselves a lot quicker. The good bacteria will come back eventually but probiotics will speed up the process. By wiping the slate clean essentially by taking an antibiotic why not take a probiotic so the bad bacteria don’t get in ahead of the good ones. Let the good guys win by taking a probiotic!

Come into Conefrey’s pharmacy for advise on the best probiotic to suit your lifestyle.