Organ Donor Awareness Week 2022

Organ Donor Awareness Week 2022 (April 23rd – 30th) is organised by the Irish Kidney Association in association with Organ Donation Transplant Ireland. During this week people urged to become organ donors to save lives.

How to become an Organ Donor

There are a few ways to become an organ donor in Ireland:

  • One of the most common ways is to carry an organ donor card in your purse or wallet. These cards can be found is most doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies, we carry them here at Conefrey’s, we just got a delivery of cards in so come on by and pick one up.
  • There is also an option to add you organ donation wishes to your driving licence.
  • Get a Digital Donor card, download the App – for Android or for Apple.
  • Tell your family/next of Kin of your wishes

It is important to know that your family/next of kin should be made aware of your wishes to donate organs as their consent is also always required.

What is involved with organ donation

By consenting to being an organ donor this does not mean that your organs will definitely be used for transplant. There are a number of conditions and medical requirements to be met. One of the condition is that the death has taken place in a hospital.

The procedure of organ removal happens in the hospital and does not leave any disfigurement, the procedure itself is conducted with the upmost care and respect.

The Irish Donor Network

According to Citizens Information, this is the list of those involved with the Irish Donor Network.

This Network is a group of individuals and patient associations directly concerned with organ transplantation, donor families and medical co-ordinators involved in organ and tissue transplantation.