Not all Glucosamine is Created Equal

In my last blog, I introduced you to the benefits of Glucosamine, in particular when it comes to your knees and other joints. On the shelves in our pharmacy, there are a wide range of products containing this ingredient, either as a standalone or combined. In terms of quality, it seems there are two grades of Glucosamine – one for supplements, and the other, a higher grade used in licensed medicines. Pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine is called Arthrimel.


From my research, this seems to be a new product to the market. I first became aware of it a couple of months ago, prior to that it was available on prescription and was called Osteoeze, however, it was removed from community drug schemes three years ago. Clinical trials are conducted on the effects of medicines, and this is what differentiated this grade from a mere supplement. It’s more potent, and therefore the effects had to be studied. It was concluded that, by taking Glucosamine everyday for three months, pain associated with osteoarthritis was reduced in knee joints. To me this is a step forward, and its availability without a prescription is a real positive. I mentioned in my last blog, I was taking one for the team, and trying a course of it myself. It has worked. Standing all day leads to sore joints, and I have seen a marked improvement. I will upgrade to Arthrimel as soon as I have finished my current supplements.

If you are one of the many people who have difficulty in taking large tablets, Dona is the answer. It is the same grade of Glucosamine as the product above, but comes in capsule and sachet form.

The powder is dissolved in water, and taken once a day. One of our regular customers swears by Dona, and that in itself is a good enough endorsement for me.

Dona sachets


JointCare Pharma Nord

Pharmanord have supplements of exceptional quality, their standards are as high as Pharmaceutical quality. I haven’t taken this particular product but currently take their coenzyme Q10 and selenium plus zinc. I have been taking them since 1998, and on this basis would highly recommend Jointcare.

Jointace Original

Vitabiotics have a brilliant range of supplements. A colleague of mine took Pregnacare on both of her pregnancies and she is a big fan. They are also gentle on the stomach, which is crucial during that time. I too am a fan of the Pregnacare range, and the developers of the range obviously sat down to think about every aspect of pregnancy down to preparing a supplement for a woman’s partner when a couple are trying for a baby. This product is a mixture of glucosamine, chondroitin and other micronutrients which help to build up the patient’s immune system as well as their joints.

Jointace Omega-3

This product has Omega 3 and cod liver oil instead of chrondroitin. It also contains the same micronutrients as the normal product. I love their marketing and they do a lot of special offer prices which is of great value to the customer.

Space is limited in our shop but these glucosamine products I endorse and would encourage people to take. If anyone else has any other favourite glucosamine-containing products they like please comment below and I’ll check them. My last blog in this series will cover non-glucosamine containing products used for joints like Flexiseq and Lyprinoyl. If anyone has any other favourites please leave a comment below.