Looking After your Best Friend – Inside and Out

In my previous blogs, I have outlined the importance of taking care of your pets when it comes to the obvious things like fleas and worming. Our four legged friends are more like humans that we think, and just like us, they can suffer with other problems too, such as skin irritation and problems with their ears.

We all have had ear aches at some point in our lives. It is a horrible pain, and can be caused for a number of reasons. Dogs too, can suffer from painful ear problems, specifically a condition called Canker. This condition is a build up of wax in the dogs ear, and our furry friends with droopy ears can be more prone to it that a dog with stand up ears.

Clean Aural Spray is a routine ear cleaner for a dog which stops the wax building up and causing the condition. My advice is to use this spray regularly as a preventative measure, rather than trying to treat the condition itself. It is an organic solution designed to clean and moisturise the ears, and will soften and dissolve any wax build up.

Clean Aural

Animals can also suffer from skin conditions. Dermatitis and fungal infections like ringworm are a common enough occurrence in animals and it really needs to be treated properly. Cattle, horses and dogs can be treated with a solution called Imaverol, a gentle emulsion designed to kill the infection while being gentle on the skin.


If your dog has a fungal infection, he should be washed with the solution four times at three day intervals. While being washed with the diluted emulsion, the animals coat should be rubbed thoroughly in the opposite direction to the hair growth. This ensures the emulsion will get on to the skin, where the infection is. It is important to make sure all the skin is wet, and if the dog is long haired, the recommendation is to clip them before treatment. Treatment for cats with ringworm is usually a combination of tablets and a topical solution.

Just like us, animals suffer the same fate when it comes to getting bitten by flys and other nasty creatures. Bites can cause skin irritation, and is as unpleasant for them as it is for us.

Foran Skincare Powder helps to maintain healthy skin. It also contains Citronella, a fly repellent which keeps the insects away. A thick covering of powder is put on to the area where care is needed. The powder is gentle enough to be used daily.

Foran Skin Care Powder

As discussed in a previous blog, fleas are a nightmare for cats and dogs. If your animal gets infested with the hoppers, it can also become a real nightmare at home. The best cure for fleas is prevention.

Bob Martin All-in-one Flea Spray is the answer. It is insecticide free, which means it is gentle to use. The spray can be put onto the animals, both dogs and cats, and can be used at home on bedding and furniture. The fleas won’t bite the pet in the first place when this spray is used, and it works on fleas at all stages of their life cycle. The spray can be used once a month.

Bob Martin All in One Flea Spray

For dogs, Bob Martin Insecticidal Shampoo can be used to treat fleas on dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age. Depending on the size of the dog, the number of doses in the bottle varies- from 8 applications on a small dog, to 3 on a large dog like an Alsatian.

Bob Martin Flea Shampoo

I have found my customers prefer this to spot-on treatments like Parex as this is what they are used to. For fear of stating the obvious, please do not use this shampoo on cats!

We all love our animals, and we want to keep them safe and happy. They are prone to infections and ailments just like us, and like our children- we generally know when our pets are just not in the right form. If you feel that your pet is off colour in some way, be sure to take them to see a vet.

I spoke to a colleague recently about her cat, and she informed me about how stress had really affected him. He developed dermatitis, and also lost a lot of weight rapidly. A new baby had arrived into the home, and the poor cat wasn’t getting as much love and attention as he was used to. The point is, the stress manifested itself physically in the animal, and he was unwell as a result. Try to be sensitive to your animals if you have big changes coming in your home! If you have any stories about treating your animal for any kind of condition, please feel free to share it below. I would love to hear from you!