National Donor Day

February 14th is National Donor Day 

February 14th, as we all know, is Valentine’s Day, however, there is another significant event on this day. It’s National Donor Day. This day was created to observe and spread awareness focused on five points of life; organ, tissues, platelets, blood and marrow. 

So how can you help support donor day? You can start by spreading awareness and having conversions with friends and family. A good step is to donate your blood, blood transfusions are responsible for saving thousands of lives annually in Ireland. Find your local blood clinic here.

Last year in Ireland there was a total of 190 life-saving organ transplants. 

“Organ donation is among the most selfless gifts we can give another. I sincerely thank the families of deceased donors who at a time of great tragedy found the strength to put the needs of others first. I hope they can take some solace in the relief and joy brought to the 190 organ recipients and their families and friends.” – Health Minister, Stephen Donnelly 

Organ Donor Story 

Karen Kelly is Josh’s mammy. Last year Josh, now 8 years old, was placed on dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant. Following a thorough testing regime, in Beaumont hospital, Karen was confirmed as a suitable donor for Josh. Karen bravely donated her kidney to Josh. Her kidney surgery took place in Beaumont in October and on the same day Josh received his new kidney in Temple Street. Karen said “For me, the hardest part was not being able to be with Josh during his surgery in Temple Street as I recovered in Beaumont Hospital. Josh is now a happy and healthy 8-year-old and I am very proud to be an organ donor. I really want to reach out and support and anyone who may find themselves in similar circumstances and let everyone know how important organ donation is in saving and improving lives.” 

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Resources to learn more about organ donations or apply for an organ donor card: 

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