Head Lice: Selfie Culture Can Increase Number of Cases

Recently, I spoke with the Irish Independent in relation to the issue of head lice spreading amongst children and teenagers due to the ‘selfie’ culture.

Generally, around this time of year when students are returning to school after the summer holidays we often see a number of parents calling into the pharmacy looking for head lice treatments. However, with the popularity of mobile devices and social media networks like Snapchat, the ‘selfie’ culture could lead to an even bigger increase in cases.

The Irish Pharmacy Union are warning parents to be extra vigilant this year and to regularly check children for signs of head lice. If you notice your child itching or scratching their head often, this could be a good indication that they have an infestation. If you find evidence that your child has head lice, it is important that you start treatment immediately and that you notify the school to ensure that an outbreak is prevented.

To read the full article on the Independent written by Allison Bray, click here.