Gloup – Our Special Product of The Week!

This week at Conefrey’s Pharmacy we have a new product, Gloup, featuring as our special product of the week.

Taking medicine for those that find it hard to swallow tablets can often seem like a daunting chore. However, Gloup is a medical gel aid that helps individuals to swallow their medicines more easily. It is suitable for individuals from the age of two and onwards. The jelly like consistency of the product helps to moisten both the mouth and throat cavity allowing you to swallow tablets with ease. The natural cherry flavour of Gloup also helps to mask the taste of most medicines and the aftertaste that they can leave in your mouth.

This product contains 99% natural ingredients such as water, carrageen, natural colorant and flavouring, maltodextrin etc. It is recommended that you place your medicine on a tablespoon and use a small amount (about 5ml) of the gel to cover the tablets that you intend to take.

Watch the video below for more information.