Flu Vaccine 2021

Getting the Flu shot is different this year

While there was a much lower amount of Flu cases last year, due to heightened quarantine and health measures, you may think this year will be similar. However, it is just as important if not more important to get your Flu jab this year.

Restrictions are lifting and just last week nightclubs were allowed to open and saw a record number of people out in town and queuing very close together. By getting your Flu jab you are preventing not only contraction but are also preventing your health, or those close to you from worsening, especially if any of you have had COVID-19 before and have possibly had a weakened immune system or long Covid. Which could expose you or your loved ones to the risk of many infections.

When is the best time to get it?

The best time is as soon as possible however the usual time is late October to early November.

Who is eligible?

People who are eligible for the Flu Vaccine include:

  • Anyone over the age of 18 who are at risk of catching the flu
  • Children who are aged between six months to two years who are at risk of catching the flu

There are a certain group of people that we at Conefrey’s recommend getting the flu vaccine to protect them against developing pneumonia. These include:

  • Children and adults who have a low or weakened immune system
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Children and adults suffering from any underlying conditions in particular any respiratory issues
  • Healthcare workers with direct patient contact
  • Anyone who is over the age of 65

Where to Book?

Here at Conefrey’s CarePlus Pharmacy, we offer Flu shots, a quick and easy alternative to making an appointment at your local GP. You can prebook your Vaccine slot on our App or through our website here.