Easter Activities for Kids

keeping the kids entertained during this long bank holiday weekend may be difficult, especially if they’re full of energy from all those chocolate eggs. With restrictions still in place, it’s time to get creative to keep everyone entertained this easter.

Some tried and true fun Easter activities will always bring a smile to you and your kid’s faces:

  • Easter egg hunt in the garden
  • Spoon and egg race
  • Paint the egg
  • Bunny hop sack race

Some other activities you could do include:


For some, Easter is a time for new beginnings. It’s a great time to introduce your kids to planting seeds, explaining new life and how food is grown. Many of us were drawn to our garden during lockdown. If you haven’t already, get your kids involved, this is a perfect time!

Easter egg hunt with a twist

It’s one of the most beloved activities at easter time, running around frantically searching for chocolate eggs… how exciting! However sometimes a lot of time and effort is put into setting up these hunts, and it can be over in a matter of minutes. Make the hunt last longer by including a piece of a jigsaw with each egg. Finding the eggs may be competitive but everyone comes together at the end to solve the jigsaw. This brings the kids together and prolongs the activity. Depending on the age of the kids, you could also include hints to another treasure they need to solve together.

Easter egg tag

Instead of hiding the eggs around the garden, volunteer a family member and stick easter eggs all over them (double-sided sticky tape or velcro works well). Then have them run around the garden while the kids try to snatch the eggs of them.

Make it a team event and have different colour eggs per team. Have a rule that if the egg wearer touches a team member you have to give an egg back. Or, introduce stealing eggs, but if the other team catches you, you have to give up one of your eggs.

Egg parachutes

This is a great learning game for your kids. Have them create different parachutes or other designs for their eggs and let them go off a height. If the egg smashes, back to the drawing board to improve the design. This will get your kids to explore, design, test & repeat (STEM activity). Teaching them engineering skills and making them think about gravity and how it works.


From all of us here at Conefrey’s CarePlus Pharmacy, we wish you a very Happy Easter!