Dublin 2 Diabetes

We hear it everyday, everywhere we go. Diabetes is becoming a major health issue in Ireland. In the month of January 2016, we held three health events and the highest attendance was for a diabetes screening event run by the Diabetes Federation of Ireland. We had a similar event last year and had over 30 appointments on the day. The level of interest confirmed to me, that at least in my locality, people are aware of the need for diabetes screening.

The nurse who performed the screening provided me with feedback as follows:

  • On the day, 19 customers were screened.
  • 8 were male and 11 were female.
  • 3 customers had blood glucose readings of greater than 7 mmol/l. They were provided a referral letter to encourage them to take a fasting blood test with their GP.
  • 7 customers scored greater than 16 for a diabetes risk assessment questionnaire and were given lifestyle advice.
  • 4 customers had Type 2 diabetes and the nurse answered general queries on the management of their diabetes.

I was delighted to get this feedback as for the first time probably ever I had a different perspective on my customers health. I hope it will help me in planning the changes I need to make for my business to meet my customers needs. Already, I am thinking about what future events I can bring to the business to benefit our customers.