Conefrey’s Pharmacy featured in latest issue of Irish Pharmacy News

Conefrey’s Pharmacy are delighted to have been featured in the latest issue of Irish Pharmacy News. The article is in reference to our nomination for the ‘Actavis Business Development (Independent) Award 2016’ ahead of this week’s Irish Pharmacy Awards taking place on Saturday, May 21st.

As origianlly quoted in the Irish Pharmacy News article:

“Tomas Conefrey has taken what used to be a hobby and started using it to his and his businesses advantage in taking it forward with the use of social media. Through his increased of online social media, he has increased the profile of his business and the Pharmacy profession. He has invested efforts and resources in applying his interest to pharmacy practice. While the business has a good reputation, Tomas has invested in order to get the good name and reputation out there in the public domain. This forward thinking pharmacist strives to keep abreast of technology in evolving his business and service offering to his local community.”

Conefrey’s Pharmacy would like to thank the Irish Pharmacy News for featuring us in this month’s magazine. We would also like to thank the Irish Pharmacy Awards for our nomination and most importantly our customers for their continued loyalty and support.