Common Sporting Injuries

Now that restrictions are easing, we are all excited about the use of gyms and group sporting activities being allowed again. However, some of us intentionally or unintentionally took a break from physical activities, and while it’s exciting to jump straight back in it’s important to build back up our strength and fitness again.

So we have compiled a list of the most common sporting injuries to watch out for if you’re getting back into exercise. It’s important to contact your GP or local physiotherapist if you have concerns or further questions about getting back to exercise.

Common Sporting Injuries

Knee Injury

There are a wide range of knee injuries through various sports including pain around the kneecap itself. This can occur in runners and is often a result of overuse. Some athletes suffer ligament injuries through sudden change of direction or through a football tackle.

Shin Splints

Referring to pain which occurs on the front or side of shins, shin splints are very common. They can have a range of causes from overuse to poor flexibility. Soft tissue treatment, orthotics or targeted exercise can have huge impact on recovery.

Ankle Sprain

You may have trouble walking or even standing with a sprained ankle. This can be very painful, you may need an x-ray or further treatment. Physiotherapy is recommended for ankle injury recovery and to help avoid the often common recurrence of ankle sprains.

Hamstring Injury

Hamstring injuries can occur from improper or lack of warm up, poor running style, fatigue or playing on uneven or wet surfaces. The most common way to injure your hamstring muscles is while sprinting.

Achilles Tendon Injury

The Achilles tendon stretches from your heel to your calf muscles and injuries in this area are very common. Pain may occur from an overuse injury or tendonopathy. A ruptured tendon can be instantly debilitating. Proper stretching before sport may help avoid injury to the tendon.

Groin Strain

Common in footballers and swimmers, groin strain is an injury to the inner thigh. A groin strain can happen with sudden movement and can affect your ability to run or kick a ball.

Tennis Elbow 

This can refer to a condition caused by the overuse of forearm muscle. This condition can occur with any activity that involves repeated or sustained extension of the wrist, not just by playing Tennis. You may experience pain when trying to grip or when extending your fingers. Your wrist may also suffer, some sufferers also experience neck pain.


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