Children with Chickenpox

Some children get chickenpox very severely and I feel so bad when I see a bad case of it.  Both my children have had it and thankfully when they got it they didn’t get severe doses of it.  We found alternating doses of calpol and nurofen to deal with temperatures as well as use of calamine lotion (to cool the skin) and a product called poxclin which is a gel helped a lot.

Tips for relieving the itch

My wife Ruth is very practical and used a cotton bud to put the gel on the chickenpox, brilliant!  I have recommended it to loads of people who come in to the shop and the feedback is great.  An old remedy we also used was to put oats in a sock and then run a bath and have the kids bathe in the bath. This worked really well and I would advise anyone to use it.  Aveeno is a product we carry based on colloidal oatmeal and we specifically used an Aveeno product called Dermexa to help keep the itch under control.  


Our GP prescribed my son an antihistamine liquid called Phenergan to help relieve the itch.   Phenergan is controversial in that it should not be recommended for children less than two years of age and also people buy it to knock their kids out at night as it causes drowsiness.   In one way it is a relief when your children get chickenpox as once they get through it, it is done, finished, out of the way.   There is nothing worse than waiting for the spots to arrive (if they do arrive) after an call from the creche to say there is chickenpox in it.  

Our tricks for treating your children

As I said earlier my Wife Ruth is very practical and I’ve learned so many tricks from her in regard to getting children to take medicine.  From the example above with the cotton bud to getting the kids to take antibiotics with not so nice tastes, it gives me loads of good advice to pass on to my customers.   For my sons chest infections our GP often prescribed an antibiotic called Klacid in a suspension (liquid) form.  It looks very grainy and seeing my son wince when he takes it made me realise it must taste awful.  Ruth came up with the genius idea of having a glass of milk nearby once the dose is administered.  This is so the child can quickly get rid of the taste by taking some milk.  Ingenious!  

Oral medicine syringes are also incredibly handy especially when the children are young and it can be difficult to give medicine to a baby off a spoon.  My Dad was a Pharmacist and I often wonder how my Mum and him got my brother, sister and I to take any medicine off a spoon as I never remember seeing medicine syringes until I was in college in the 1990s.  

Keep an eye out!

I feel another blog coming on so watch out for it! I will cover teething (painful for kids, very annoying for parents), constipation in children, skin rashes (when should you be worried) and bumps and bruises.  If anyone has any remedies or techiques that they use themselves please let me know.  By sharing you could be helping me to help someone next week, next month or next year.  I would be delighted to engage with you about your ideas and experiences of similar situations.