Blackberry Hearing Aid Clinic Being Held In Store

This coming Saturday, January 30th, Conefrey’s Pharmacy will be holding a Blackberry Hearing Clinic in store. This clinic will run from 9am until 1pm. To arrange an appointment, contact us here or ask in store.

Blackberry Hearing was set up by John Ryan and Dave Gleeson, two local businessmen, who were so shocked at the cost of hearing aids that they decided to do something about it. “Having been quoted €5,000 for a pair of hearing aids by one of Ireland’s leading high street suppliers,” says Dave, “we knew there was a real opportunity to bring better value to hard pressed customers.”

Blackberry Hearing can now deliver an equivalent pair of hearing aids for less than €1,600. This amounts to a massive 65% saving on the price quoted by traditional outlets. The savings can be even greater as most people qualify for a hearing aid grant which would further reduce the net price of a Blackberry Hearing aid to as little as €399 per ear! The pricing includes the testing and fitting of the product, follow up care and free batteries. Customers may call at any time, return to a clinic or have a follow up visit at home without further cost.

“We have found that people who could not have afforded to buy hearing aids are the greater part of our customers, says John, “The customers themselves testify to our quality and customer care. We believe it to be second to none.”

If you wish to get in contact with Blackberry Hearing, simply call on 01 6978470 or find them online at Here you will be able to arrange your free home test or an appointment to drop into one of their many clinics across the nation