Our App!

Here in the pharmacy, our customers are very important to us. We are always trying methods to improve the Customer service and make everything more efficient. About a year ago, one of our suppliers introduced us to the notion of having our very own Conefrey’s Pharmacy app- available for download on IPhone and Android.

We were initially hesitant about the idea, moving with the times and going super hi-tech, but, everyone has a smart phone nowadays and if it made life easier on our customers, it was worth investigating! The idea was designed by a group of Pharmacists and this impressed me, they knew what they were talking about, and also understood the importance of the customer.



It has many features to explore but our favourites are the ‘Pill Reminder’ function and the ‘Order My Repeat’ feature.

Everyone has a busy life, be it trying to get out the door for a school run, or to get to work. Anyone can forget to take their medication, it does happen a lot. The beauty of this function is not only does it remind you to take the pills; you can add the name of the medication to be taken at that time. Your app is password protected, so only you will access the information. That said, this little feature will be invaluable to you if you are asked by a GP or member of the Emergency Services to list the medication you are on. When we are unwell, or under pressure, it is all too very easy to forget.

We love the ‘Order My Repeat’ function. The easiest thing in the world to forget is your repeat prescription. Now you don’t have to worry about that. When you download the App and use the ‘Order My Repeat’ function for the first time, you fill in the information, when your prescription is needed next, and the app does the hard work for you. You will be sent a reminder closer to the date, and you simply re- order your medication through our app. It makes life in the pharmacy easier also, as we can have your prescription ready for a certain time, and this cuts down on people having to wait.

It is all confidential, safe and secure. Why don’t you give it a go? Download the App today or pop in and we will show you how to do it. The app is also a great way to stay informed about Conefreys: such as special offers, events coming up and our weekly blog.


Download Here for IPhone

Download Here for Android