#24hoursinpharmacy – Tick Tock


Twitter is, without question, my favourite social media platform. Short and sweet, only 140 characters to make your point. In my busy work day, it’s about all I have time for sometimes. Businesses can be wary of using social media for marketing, as they don’t see an instant return on investment for the time that goes into it, but for me, I have made some fantastic connections. The more I use it, the easier and more effective it becomes.  I originally started using it to connect with people like myself who were members of Toastmasters. Like any new ‘Tweep’ (twitter person) I used it to follow celebrities, authors, and sports people.

In February 2013, I came across #irishbizparty, run by the Tweeting Goddess – Samantha Kelly. I started to participate on a Wednesday night between nine and eleven. It was a baptism of fire and I had no choice but to get the hang of the platform. With more confidence I started to interact with other like-minded people. I sought out other Pharmacists and was delighted to come across several others in Ireland. I was so happy to read their tweets and see that they had similar challenges to me. I don’t think it matters how long you are in business or how well you know your job: we all have the tough days and the challenging ones. I found my connection to other ‘Tweep’s’ in my line of work invaluable and such a support. I have participated in several twitter events called ‘tweetathons’.  Most recently on Thursday 2nd of April last @WePharmacists ran one called #24hoursinpharmacy. The idea of this was to show a day in the life of a pharmacist by tweeting about it, non stop. It was great fun and a good marketing tool as well. If you would like to connect with me, my twitter handle is @ConefreyPharmac. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

I’ve a photo of my contribution below. It was a great feeling to step-forward and put myself out there. Roll-on the next one!



@ConefreyPharmac #24hoursinpharmacy