We are one of the sponsors of the South Docks Festival – which is highly anticipated every year. The Festival is an annual event run by St. Andrew’s Resource Centre in collaboration with Pearse Area Recreational Centre and many local groups and clubs. The Festival aims to highlight and celebrate Pearse Street’s and City Quay’s traditional association with the docks as well as continuing to celebrate our lively local community and heritage. Find out more information here.

Because of our history in the area The Conefrey Family have become involved in several local community programmes over the years. It is our way of saying thank you to our customers for their support.  We are one of the sponsors of Markievicz Celtic over 35s who in their first season won the local league cup, see their triumph on their Facebook Page.


 Markievicz Celtic Over 35s team

Gary Smith from Markievicz Celtic over 35s team and Tomás Conefrey with the local league cup they won last year!.

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Markievicz Celtic 1          Markievicz-Celtic-1-300x225

Markievicz-Celtic-1          Markievicz-Celtic